In 2007, Biju Nair took a much-needed vacation to Kerala with his family. As he de-stressed on a backwater cruise in Vembanad Lake, the lowest point on Earth, his refreshed spirits led him to the idea of running his own boat.

When he shared the idea with Madhu Nair, the concept for SAAM’s Celebrations Leisure was born. On 9 June 2008 they registered it as a private limited company.

An initial survey told them that although there were many boats on the backwaters of Kerala, none offered international standards in luxury and comfort. Having traveled far and wide, the duo recognized the key ingredients of world-class hospitality and put them to good use.

And so, they set about identifying the top boat builder, hired the most respected shranks in the business and on their advice, bought trees from local households and started building a boat from scratch. After six painstaking months they knew they had built the best houseboat ever to sail Kerala’s lagoons. Its maiden cruise took place on Christmas Eve in 2008 with a family of nine from France.

Invigorated by the success of their first boat Biju and Madhu soon got a second boat constructed and launched it on the 5th of February 2009. Subsequently, they acquired land in Wayanad, an upcoming tourist destination in Kerala and in 2011, built a serene resort with luxurious villas sprawled across the 3-acre estate.

Currently, they are looking to build three more resorts in the region and expand their fleet of houseboats to cater to a steadily growing clientele of first-time and happy, repeat travelers.