• wideslider_image_13 Welcome to a world of re-discovering yourself at SAAM’s Cliffhanger Service Villa in Wayanad!
  • wideslider_image_14 Give in to the serenity of the mountains, forests & rivers that Wayanad has to offer with SAAM's
  • wideslider_image_11 The charming cloud-kissed mountains, enveloped in green are breathtaking and will leave you yearning for more!
  • wideslider_image_12 Cool climate, fertile soil, rolling paddy and spice fields; Wayanad is ideal for farmer's and gardening enthusiasts!
  • wideslider_image_15 Addicted to action, captivated by culture or nutty about nature! There’s something for everyone. Visit SAAM's Cliffhanger for an unforgettable vacation!

For Nature Lovers

Prepare to be hypnotised by the thick green foliage that covers the rain lashed mountains and their valleys. Wayanad is a green paradise.

For Adventurers

For those of you who can’t live without adventure, cycle through the plantations or trek through Wayanad’s rugged hilly terrain.

History & Archaeology

Wayanad is a favoured destination for historians and archaeologists due to the presence of ancient caves and structures where relics as old as the New Stone Age have been unearthed. It also houses many tribal villages who were the original inhabitants of the district.