Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala is only place in the world where Ayurveda, the ancient form of science and the holistic system of medicine based on nature is practiced to perfection. The state’s equable climate, natural abundance of forests and the cool monsoon season (June-November) are best suited for Ayurveda’s curative and restorative programmes.

  • History of Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing science that was practiced and taught by sages during their journey towards attaining spiritual enlightenment. Civilisation and the rise of modern medicine put Ayurveda in the shadow of new age biological and chemical sciences. However the failure of modern remedies to cure patients without any side effects has thrown Ayurvedic treatments back into the limelight. Ayurveda in Sanskrit means, “The science of life” which emphasised that a patient must be treated as a whole rather than just treating just the ailing part of your body.

    Ayurveda has got eight branches- Kayachikitsa, Kaumarabhritya Tantra, Graha Chikitsa, Shalya Tanthra, Shalakya Tanthra, Visha Tantra, Rasayan and Vajikaran. Kayachikitsa (Medicine) has two sub-branches; Shaman (Alleviation) and Sodhan (Elimination).

    The imbalance of tridoshas, vatha, pitha and kapha causes vitiation of dhathus and or malas. Shaman is the method of treating the disease without eliminating doshas out of the body, whereas shodhan is the method of eliminating the vitiated doshas out of the body.

  • Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Chikitsa

    Abhyangam (Uzhichil)
    Abhyanga is the procedure where the body is massaged using a medicated oil all over the body. This improves oleation,
    complexion, stability, destroys fatigue and disturbances due to vata dosha.

    Kaya Seka (Pizhichil)
    Kaya Seka is the process in which the body is made to perspire by means of warm medicated oil in a specific manner.

    Dhara (Sirodhara)
    Sirodhara or Dhara is also know as Sirasekam. It’s one of the many special types of treatments which is widely practiced for ailments of the head. It involves gently pouring the medicated oil on your forehead.

    Sirovasthi is a procedure involving the retention of medicated oil on your head for a prescribed period of time.

    Njavarakizhi is one of the traditional treatment forms of Astavaidya in Kerala. It is a procedure by which the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire by the external application of a type of rice pudding in the form of boluses tied up in muslin bags.

    Udwartanam is a massage that uses powdered medication. The powder is rubbed forcibly in the
    upwards direction.

    The five fold purification procedures

    • Drives away physical trauma
    • Controls & prevents diseases
    • Retards the ageing process
    • Repairs worn out tissues
    • Revitalizes the body
  • Speciality Ayurvedic Clinics

    • Allergy
    • Piles (Haemmoroids), Fistula, Fissure
    • Diabetes
    • Gynaecology
    • Obesity
    • Spine Disorders
    • Arthritis
    • Dermatology
    • Eye
    • Neurology
    • Stress
    • Menstrual Disorders
    • Mascular Spasm
    • Migraine
    • Musculo Skeletal Disorders
  • Swasthya Samvardhana Chikitsa (Health promotion/ Revuvenation)

    You might not be as healthy as you think yourself to be. Disturbed by this news? Don’t bother. Just ask yourself one question- ”Have I tried understanding my body and my mind?” If not, it’s high time that you did. SAAM’s Ayurveda Centre helps realise your levels of mental and physical healthiness. SAAM’s also takes you through an interesting course on Ayurvedic living which helps boost your health levels.

    The programmes offered under health promoting treatments include sharing knowledge on how to improve your lifestyles, Dinacharya (daily regimen), dietary regimen, Snehana and Swedana (external application of oil and fomentation), Panchakarma (the five purification procendures) and Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvenation therapy) 

  • Raga Prashamana Chikitsa (Curative Therapy)

    Ahalia aims at providing treatment facilities for a wide range of diseases mentioned under Astanga Ayurveda. Joint pains, strokes, skin diseases, piles, mental diseases etc….

  • Rejuvenation

    • Helps alleviate physical pain
    • Controls & prevents diseases
    • Retards ageing process
    • Repairs worn out tissues
    • Revitalises the body and mind
    • Improves vitality
    • Helps curbing obesity
    • Relief of mental strain
    • Improves skin cleanliness, corrects metabolism
    • Stabilisation of physical & psychological healthiness